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Long Websaet ia yu save karem Baebol long olgeta defdefren langwis blong Vanuatu. I gat 108 langwis evriwan we ol man i stap toktok long hem long Vanuatu. Mifala i gat plan blong mekem ol lanwis Baebol we i stap oli go long plante defdefren format (olsem: sword, pdf, html, audio…) Long websaet ia yu save faenem tu ol samting blong givhan long yu blong tijim Sande Skul, wetem ol narafala samting we bae i save helpem yu long andastanem Baebol. Olgeta material yu faenem long ples ia hemi propeti blong ol man we i holem kopiraet blong hem, mo olgeta oli bin givim raet blong mifala i save postem long ples ia. Yu save ridim, daonlodem, mo serem ol samting yu luk long websaet ia, spos yu mekem long stret fasin folem ‘terms of use’.

Long menu we i stap long leftsaed yu save jusum wan langwis blong ridim mo tu yu save daonlodem Baebol long langwis ya we yu wantem putum long fon o komputa blong yu.

Welcome to the Vanuatu Bibles site!

NEW! We now offer downloadable epub version 3 files for each of the Scriptures we offer text for. These electronic books are free (except, of course, for whatever you pay for Internet access), and may be freely shared. Look for the link labeled "epub3" on each Bible translation's main index page.

These epub files are best opened in a reader that supports version 3, like:

This site provides access to Scriptures in the vernacular languages of Vanuatu. 108 living languages are spoken in Vanuatu. In the future, we plan to make Scriptures available in a greater variety of electronic formats (e.g. sword, pdf, html, audio, etc.). You may also find Sunday school teaching materials and other helps for using the Holy Bible. Copyrighted materials published here remain the property of the original copyright holders, and are posted with their permission. You are free to read, download, and share the Scriptures posted on this site according to our terms of use.

You may pick a language on the menu at the left to read or download the Holy Bible in that language.

Bienvenue sur le site du Vanuatu Bibles!

Ce site donne accès aux Écritures dans les langues vernaculaires du Vanuatu. 108 langues vivantes parlées au Vanuatu. Dans l'avenir, nous prévoyons de faire Écritures disponibles dans une grande variété de formats électroniques (par exemple l'épée, pdf, html, audio, etc.) Vous pouvez aussi trouver du matériel pédagogique pour l'école de dimanche et autres aide pour l'utilisation de la Sainte Bible. Matériel sous copyright publiés ici restent la propriété des détenteurs des droits d'auteur original, et sont affichés avec leur permission. Vous êtes libre de lire, télécharger et partager les Écritures publiées sur ce site conformément à nos conditions d'utilisation.

Vous pouvez choisir une langue dans le menu à gauche pour lire ou télécharger la Sainte Bible dans cette langue.


Recent updates:

Date Change
13 Dec 2021Corrected hymnal link; simplified welcome text.
20 Feb 2015Added epub files.
20 Jan 2015Added Whitesands NT.
12 Aug 2013Added Maskelynes and Kwamera NTs.
20 December 2012Added old Epi/Lewo hymnal.
19 March 2012Added Bislama welcome to this page.
3 November 2011
Added Bislama Pilgrim's Progress book.
29 September 2011
Added font embedding to prophero.css for devices that the user can't install a font on, and for convenience such that they don't have to on devices where they can install fonts. Reformatted pages to better work with both small and large screens.
5 September 2011
Posted Southeast Ambrym and Paama portions of the Holy Bible. Added Facebook "Like" link, below.
31 August 2011
Posted Southwest Tanna New Testament.
30 August 2011
Posted Tangoa and North Tanna New Testaments.